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joAnn Lense: bio

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated & drawn to the magic, reality & mysticism of the photographic image. Photography has been a passion since my early teens. I began studying photography in junior high school & continue my love affair with this medium. As a dyslexic, who was not identified until 22 years of age, photography served as an extremely important outlet & the darkroom became my oasis amidst the turbulence of my academic experience.

My camera enables me to explore beauty & the mundane; the obvious & the obscure. I adore the exploration, the discovery, the meeting of anonymous people; walking all over & then backtracking just to make sure I have seen what is to be seen. Photography has taught me how to develop my fleeting sense of patience. I’ve learned to wait for the direction of light, time & space to shift as well as how to muddle through the technical learning curves of the ever-changing reality of modern day equipment. Photography empowers me to share my vision, observe others, & ultimately grants me the permission to present a moment in time, as I’ve perceived it to be.

As a photographer I am pulled towards different genres, which enables me to explore the abstract, street/political art & graffiti, as well as the more traditional fare such as landscape, floral, people, & yes, my beloved dogs & cats.

I am an Exhibiting Member at the Guild of Creative Art. My work has recently been accepted into the Getty Images database. Earlier this year I’ve had work accepted into the “Edgy to Avant-Garde” show at the Guild of Creative Art & the 2010 “Eyesight’s” photography show as well as the 2010 Juried Art Show VI held at the Belmar Arts Council. In 2010, I also participated in several group shows: “Click, Cut, Burn” - Guild of Creative Art; “Pixels & Paint” - the Mix in Long Branch, NJ. I am a member of SICA (Long Branch, NJ), the Art Alliance of Monmouth County (Red Bank, NJ) & the Belmar Arts Council (Belmar, NJ).

You can visit my work at several sites: - Put JoAnn Lense in Search Bar - Put in shutterbug520 in Search Bar


Winter Beach Sky by JoAnn Lense


Pearls by JoAnn Lense


Empire State Building - A Different View by JoAnn Lense


Synchronicity by JoAnn Lense


Hibiscus Profile by JoAnn Lense


Hibiscus by JoAnn Lense


Heart of a Sunflower by JoAnn Lense


Blue Equus by JoAnn Lense


Hot Summer Sun by JoAnn Lense


Ascent by JoAnn Lense


Alternative View of Empire State Building by JoAnn Lense


One Pink Rose and One Bud by JoAnn Lense


Two Pink Roses by JoAnn Lense


Clean-Up by JoAnn Lense


A Different Way of LIfe by JoAnn Lense


Boarded Up by JoAnn Lense


Monmouth Beach Club by JoAnn Lense


Corn and Crows by JoAnn Lense


First Snow by JoAnn Lense


Breast Cancer Awareness by JoAnn Lense


Big Boy Tonka Toys by JoAnn Lense


I See You Do You See Me by JoAnn Lense